Servicing a broken water heater in a Lakeland, FL home.

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Our company provides the best water heater repair and installation services for homes and businesses in Lakeland, FL and surrounding areas.

Being forced to take a cold shower is never a pleasant experience. When your water doesn't warm up, call True Plumbers & AC and have one of our licensed plumbing contractors inspect your water heater and fix any necessary repairs needed on it. We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services and can assess and fix the issue at an affordable price.

We use hot water for more than just taking a warm shower. From doing the laundry to cleaning dishes, hot water is a commodity we often take for granted. So when your water heater system is not functioning as it should, you’ll probably detect it rather quickly. Diagnosing the problem, however, may not be as obvious. 

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A few signs to look for when you need your hot water heater fixed

  • No Hot Water: If there is absolutely zero hot water, you should immediately inspect your pilot light to see if it has gone out. If it’s out, you can re-light it by following the directions in the owner’s manual. Instead of attempting it on your own, you can also call our company and we'll send a water heater technician who can easily fix it in case it’s not as simple as an unlit pilot light.
  • Strange Noises or High Pitched Sounds: If you’re hearing some odd sounds, such as high pitched noises coming from the hot water heater, this could be mineral scale or hard water that has built up in the tank. It could be breaking down your water heater system, which would require draining the tank to clean it out.
  • Water Seeping: In the case that there is water pooling at the floor near the hot water heater, there is most likely a leak in the tank. This could be due to a loose valve that requires tightening or maybe a leaky pipe.

Whatever issues your water heater may be having, call (863) 667-6364 to speak with one of our company's water heater contractors today and we’ll send a professional plumber to assess the damage and efficiently fix the issue at your home or business in the Lakeland, FL area. At True Plumbers & AC, we pride ourselves in reliable and affordable plumbing repairs 24 hours a day.

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