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As homes and properties begin to age in Lakeland, FL, so do their pipes. Many of these aging buildings come with galvanized metal pipes that begin to corrode and deteriorate over time. It’s very important to replace these old pipes with new ones to prevent potentially devastating and costly leaks.

Like most problems left unchecked, plumbing will only get worse over time. It will never improve on its own, so call the knowledgeable and professional plumbers at True Plumbers & AC  to detect pipe corrosion, leaks, or degradation before the pipes cause serious damage. Our company has a team of expert plumbers and repiping contractors with the best equipment to completely repipe your property.

New pipes after our company's repiping services for a home in Lakeland, FL.

Warning Signs Your Home Needs to be Repiped

Before you decide to give your pipes a complete overhaul, here are some signs that you need to repipe:

  • Water is discolored
  • Your water bill has unexpectedly increased
  • You have numerous water leaks
  • Foul-smelling water
  • Lower water pressure
  • Visible pipe-damage

One common pipe material that needs replacing is galvanized steel. This along with polybutylene plumbing is much more likely to corrode over time and can even be dangerous down the road. Homes with either of these will more than likely require repiping services from our company's licensed plumbers and repiping contractors.

Our company's licensed plumbers are not only experts in the installation of new pipes, but can easily advise you on how the process of repiping works. For example, it’s important to consider what kind of pipe material to install when having your property repiped. This decision can be based on a few things, such as your budget and your home’s needs. The two more popular choices are copper and PEX pipes.

Copper pipes are a safe choice due to the fact that they’re durable, UV light resistant, and fire-resistant. PEX pipes, on the other hand, are easier on your budget and just as reliable. PEX pipes are particularly useful if you have a home that gets its water supply from a well. These pipes are also known to have fewer leaks.

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Here at True Plumbers & AC, we pride ourselves in having a knowledgeable and helpful staff that can guide you in the repiping process and answer any questions you may have about your home’s piping system. If you have a home or business in the Lakeland, FL area call us today at (863) 667-6364 and speak with one of our plumbers and repiping contractors for immediate assistance.

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