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Faucet Repair & Installation in Lakeland, FL

We provide faucet repair and installation services in Lakeland, FL.

Faucet Repair, Replacement, and Installation Services In Lakeland, FL

Our trained plumbers repair, replace, and install bathroom, kitchen, and other faucets in your home or business in Lakeland, FL.

One of our plumbers checking a faucet's water pressure after a new faucet installation in a home in Lakeland, FL.

Our company spends quite a bit of time in bathrooms. It’s a place where you get ready every morning and take care of yourself. So when certain fixtures aren’t functioning properly, such as a leaky faucet, it can put a damper on your day. True Plumbers & AC is the best resource for bathroom faucet repairs and installation services. Our team of plumbers is equipped with the tools and knowledge to solve any tub, sink, shower, or plumbing issue you may encounter. Remember, small issues with your plumbing have the potential to lead to larger ones, and a more costly repair if left untreated. Allow our company to diagnose the problem and find the best and most affordable solution for your faucet. 

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Common Reasons to Replace or Repair a Damaged Faucet

A leaky or dripping faucet is probably the most common—and annoying—bathroom or kitchen plumbing issue. Repairing a faucet requires finding the root cause of the problem, and there are a number of reasons why your faucet might be leaking, making it difficult to fix yourself. A few potential causes might be a corroded valve seat, worn seals, broken or improperly installed plumbing components. A professional plumbing technician from True Plumbers & AC in Lakeland, FL can get to the root of the problem through a comprehensive faucet inspection and take the proper steps to fix it.

If you are interested in taking on the endeavor of repairing your own faucet, be sure to first figure out what type of faucet you own. There are four types you’ll find in bathrooms: disk, compression, cartridge, and ball. Once you’ve identified the faucet type, you can then more easily figure out what the issue is. Before doing any repair work, you’ll want to be sure to turn off the water shut-off valves underneath your sink. This will prevent flooding of your property.

Most people aren’t exactly comfortable repairing their own bathroom faucets. It can be tricky work, not only in the repair itself but identifying the root cause. Don’t let a small problem snowball into a larger one. If you are in Lakeland, FL or surrounding areas, call True Plumbers & AC and we’ll send one of our company's professional plumbers to your home or business to diagnose the issue and provide an honest estimate of the services involved in repairing your broken faucets.

Do you need faucet repairs in the Lakeland, FL area?

One of our company's plumbers checking for water leaks after a faucet repair service in Lakeland, FL.

If you aren’t comfortable leaving the fate of your faucet in the hands of the YouTube community, play it safe by using a True Plumbers technician. We provide reliable and efficient plumbing services to the community of Plant City and can guarantee your satisfaction. Call us today at (863) 667-6364 to learn more about our services and how we can help fix your leaking faucet. True Plumbers is well-known for not only exceptional services, but honesty!

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