AC systems maintenance in Plant City, FL.

AC Maintenance in Plant City, Lakeland, Winter Haven, & Tampa, FL

We offer air conditioning maintenance services for properties in central Florida.

Air conditioning maintenance services in Plant City, Lakeland, Winter Haven, and surrounding areas.

Maintaining your air conditioning system by contacting a certified technician can save you money in the long run.

In central Florida, life without air conditioning can be brutal. That means making sure your A/C is functioning as well as it can be is absolutely vital. Regular air conditioner maintenance will help keep you cool when you need it most.

At True Plumbers & AC, we provide air conditioner maintenance and other A/C services to homes and businesses throughout Polk County, eastern Hillsborough County, and southeast Pasco County cities such as Lakeland, Plant City, Winter Haven, and more.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance is Critical

AC maintenance tools used to provide air conditioning services in Lakeland, FL.

An air conditioner, regardless of whether it is a standalone unit or part of an HVAC system, needs regular maintenance to function efficiently. Air conditioners are made up of filters, fins, and coils that can accumulate dirt over time. Eventually, wear and tear can cause these parts to break down.

Maintenance involves cleaning these components and inspecting the unit for signs of performance problems. Benefits of regular maintenance include:

  • Lowering energy cost
  • Extending the life of your unit
  • Detecting problems early
  • Keeping a cool, comfortable home

According to the Department of Energy, cleaning an air conditioner unit lowers energy costs by 5-15%. Because the unit doesn’t have to work as hard, it also helps your A/C have a longer lifespan.

Part of the maintenance process involves inspecting the unit for signs of problems, including parts that may need to be repaired or replaced. Catching these problems early means the unit is less likely to break down when it is working its hardest.

Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Process

Our technicians will complete a full inspection of your unit, which will include:

  • Airflow assessment
  • Refrigerant check
  • Electrical check
  • Thermostat check

We’ll also clean the dirt and debris from the coils, fins, and filters. This multi-point service will keep your unit in working order and will prevent problems before they start.

Air Conditioning Units Require Professional Expertise

AC maintenance worker checking a home's thermostat in Plant City, FL.

It may be tempting to want to take the DIY approach, but any air conditioning maintenance or repairs should be completed by a licensed technician. The unit is composed of a lot of delicate parts that can easily become damaged if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Not only that, but our technicians are trained in identifying and diagnosing problems. They can check motors, assess airflow and refrigerant, clean components, and check electrical terminals.

Scheduling Air Conditioning Maintenance

It’s possible that in central Florida you could use your air conditioner year-round. To keep your unit operating efficiently, you should schedule air conditioning maintenance every six months.

We recommend having your unit serviced and scheduling the next service appointment right away. Don’t wait until something goes wrong to call. Contact us at (863) 667-6364 to schedule air conditioning maintenance services for your home or business.

Do you want to keep your air conditioning operating at its best? Give us a call.

In Winter Haven, Lakeland, Plant City, and nearby areas in central Florida, we only employ expert air conditioning technicians. Our professional team can keep your A/C working efficiently and catch problems before they get worse. Schedule an appointment today by calling (863) 667-6364.

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