Sewage backup at a home in Plant City, FL.

Sewer Backup Service in Lakeland, FL

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Sewer Backup Services in Lakeland, FL 

Our company provides the best sewer backup services for homes and businesses in Lakeland, FL and surrounding areas.

Sewer backups can be one of the more inconvenient—not to mention, smelly—issues to deal with in your home, and there can be a variety of reasons why your sewer might need to be repaired. Whether it’s due to a failure in the plumbing system or clogged pipes, something is blocking the proper flow of wastewater. If you find yourself requiring professional and quality sewer backup services, the licensed plumbers at True Plumbers & AC can help! Our company prides itself in providing timely and affordable solutions for sewer backup services for homeowners and businesses in Lakeland, FL and the surrounding areas.

A sewer backup can be very damaging to your property, and dangerous for your health. Sewage contains contaminants and bacteria that spread illnesses and disease, and can be a threat to people and pets. It can also contain toxic materials including pesticides and fungi. There are nearly two million reported cases of illnesses caused by sewage contamination every year, so don’t wait to have your sewage fixed by one of our company's sewer backup contractors. 

A backed up sewer at a home in Lakeland, FL, before our company's sewer backup services.

Why do your sewers backup?

In the face of a sewer backup, you might ask yourself “Why is this happening to me?” Don’t despair! Sewage backups can be a common plumbing issue many people face. The reasons most commonly associated with sewage backups are:

  • Root infiltration
  • Very wet weather
  • Structural defects
  • Pipe blockages
  • Broken or leaky pipes
  • Foreign objects being flushed down the toilet

The best thing to do when encountering a sewage backup is to call a licensed plumber. Never attempt to come into contact with sewage. Skin contact or even inhalation has the potential to make you sick and should be avoided completely, if possible.

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