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Leak Detection Services in Plant City, Lakeland, Winter Haven, & Davenport, FL

We provide expert, non-invasive leak detection services for properties in central Florida areas.

Leak detection and repair providers in Lakeland, Plant City, Winter Haven, Davenport, and neighboring Florida cities.

Our plumbing contractors will track down the source of your leak without tearing up the walls or floor of your building.

Leak detection device used in a Plant City, FL home.

Leaking pipes can lead to issues with water damage and high utility bills, so if you suspect you have a leak in your office or home, enlist a licensed plumbing contractor to help detect the source of the leak using non-invasive leak detection techniques. These techniques won't damage your building's walls or floors as they track down the leak.

At True Plumbers, we provide leak detection and repair services throughout Plant City, Davenport, Winter Haven, Lakeland, and other surrounding central Florida areas within Polk County, southeastern Pasco County, and eastern Hillsborough County.

Here are a few signs that may indicate your building has a hidden leak.

Leaking pipe in a Lakeland, FL home.

When your toilet leaks or a faucet leaks, it is typically pretty easy to determine the source of the leak and fix it. But when you have a hidden leak behind your walls or under your floor, then you may not notice it right away. Some signs of hidden leaks include:

  • Formation of mold or mildew: If you see mold or mildew on the walls, then it is a clear indicator of water behind them.
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper: Water can make paint peel or remove the wallpaper if there is enough of it. You will see signs of wear and cracks on the wallpaper.
  • Brown stains on walls and ceilings: Dark brown stains on a wall or ceiling, especially under a bathroom, mean that the pipes are leaking.
  • Musty smell: A musty, damp smell is a sign that mold has formed, meaning that there is an undetected leak somewhere.
  • Warped door frame: Leaks can cause door frames and walls to warp. if a door in your building can't close, then it may be due to water damage.
  • Damaged floor materials: Loose tiles, stained flooring, warped floors, or soft spots may mean that you have a hidden leak under the floor.
  • Condensation on walls or floors: If you spy condensation on your walls or flooring, then you more than likely have water leaking directly behind them.

Suspect you have a leak? Act quickly and call a plumber to help you avoid higher costs of water damage repair.

We use non-invasive methods to find leaks.

Our plumbers use state-of-the-art, non-invasive leak detection methods to discover the source of the leak and repair it for you. The tools we use, such as a leak detector device, will find leaks without tearing up the floor or wall.

Our leak detection services are offered throughout central Florida. Call us today for an estimate!

In Polk County, eastern Hillsborough County, and southeastern Pasco County, we offer leak detection services to both residential and commercial properties. If you're in cities such as Lakeland, Plant City, Davenport, Winter Haven, and nearby areas, call us today at (863) 667-6364 to get an estimate!

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