Our company provides the best in drain field repair services in Lakeland, FL and the surrounding areas.

Drain Field Services in Lakeland, FL

We provide drain field repair, installation, and maintenance services in the Lakeland, FL area.

Drain Field Repair and Maintenance Services In Lakeland, FL

Our company provides the best and quickest drain field repair services for homes and businesses in Lakeland, FL and surrounding areas.

Our company performing drain field repair service for a home in Lakeland, FL.

Drain field failure is one of the most frequent causes of sewage ponding and clogged pipes in Lakeland, FL and surrounding areas. This occurs when the drain field becomes watertight or impermeable so that wastewater can no longer be absorbed. When this happens, it’s important to repair or replace the damaged drain field pipes to provide you with a better and stronger septic system. With a new drain field, you can save on maintenance costs, protect your water quality, and even extend the life of your sewage system.  

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What is a Septic Tank and a Drain Field?

Septic tanks are underground containers that receive all of the wastewater from your kitchen, toilets, and bath. It can only do its job when the bacteria in it are hungry and healthy. When the bacteria becomes sick, your septic tank will begin sending undigested waste out to the drain field, causing further issues.

A drain field is a system of perforated pipes that lies in trenches within the soil. It’s the most expensive component of the septic tank drainage system. When it fails, it’s most often due to the septic tank not being pumped enough. This could lead to layers of scum and sludge that can thicken, leaving little room for wastewater and resulting in foul-smelling water rising to the surface or creating unwanted backups.

Our company cleaning out a backed up septic tank before our drain field repair services for a home in Lakeland, FL.

While there are plenty of DIY plumbing services, this is not one of them. The repair cost and complexity of services depend on a variety of factors, such as the location of the damage within the system, the type of system, type of soil on the property, and the construction material of the septic tank.

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