Completing a toilet installation in Winter Haven, FL.

Toilet Services in Winter Haven, FL

Toilet services in the Winter Haven area include repairs and installations.

New Toilet Replacement, Installation & Toilet & Repair 

Call us when you need toilet repair or replacement service.  We are here for you when you need us!

A broken or malfunctioning toilet is frustrating, unpleasant and in some cases, unsanitary. We are the team to call when toilet problems arise at your home or business in Winter Haven, FL. Our plumbers have the knowledge and efficiency to ensure a swift and painless toilet repair or replacement.
It’s important to know the facts when it comes to a toilet malfunction so you’re aware of what to expect regarding repairs. This unexpected mishap typically stems from a few different problems:
Faulty toilet mechanism: there may be a breakdown of any of the parts involved in the flush mechanism, including the flapper, flush valve, fill valve, gasket, etc. When it’s the result of a flush or fill valve breakdown, this will result in a continuous or intermittent running of water requiring toilet repair.
System backup: clogged toilets may be the result of improper waste disposal resulting in water and waste backup. It is imperative to dispose of hair, paper products, oil, etc. in the trash. 
Leaking: there may be a leak in the water pipes due to corrosion or improper installation. True Plumbers & AC has the experience and expertise to replace faulty plumbing. 
Rocking: this occurs when your toilet is not resting flat against the floor, but fortunately is an easy fix for our plumbers! 

Call (863) 667-6364 to have your Toilet Fixed today!

True Plumbers & AC Repair Any Toilet Problems: 

Faulty/Damaged parts 
Clogged toilets
Leaking pipes 
Decreased water flow
Running water
Decreased water levels
Insufficient flushing 
Slow tank filling 
True Plumbers & AC also offers replacement services for older, less efficient toilet models. Newer, efficient toilets pay for their cost in savings over time due to decreased maintenance, including frequent parts replacement.
If you have a toilet malfunction, call the professionals at True Plumbers & AC in Winter Haven, FL. for immediate assistance.  Our plumbers are on standby for any toilet repair you may need. Our quality work will guarantee proper repair of an existing toilet or installation of a new toilet. Call us at (863) 667-6364.

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