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Drain Fields Winter Haven, FL: What You Need to Know 

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Ever flush a toilet or run the disposal and wonder where it all goes to? We here at True Plumbers think it’s important for our customers to understand what happens when waste leaves the home so you’re well-informed when something inevitably breaks down. No one wants to replace unnecessary parts. Let’s start with the basics.

 How the System Works 

A septic system is made up of the septic tank, drain field and the various piping involved throughout the waste removal process. The septic tank is a buried, sealed box where waste from the home flows in via a sewer pipe and the contents are treated so that the liquids and solids separate; solids congealing at the bottom, liquids rising to the top. Once this dissolution occurs, the liquids travel out of the septic tank into the drain field.

 The drain field, also commonly known as a leach field, is an underground waste-removal facility consisting of a network of pipes whose function is to remove the contaminants from the liquids. We like to analogize this process by saying the drain field “cleanses the wastewater.” The liquids then penetrate through the soil to eventually be released.

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 Drain Fields: What Can Go Wrong 

When there is an excess of liquid in the drain field it can cause your septic tank to fill resulting in backups in your sink or toilet. It can also result in sewage rising to the ground surface. When you see the signs of a failing drain field, such as water backup or sewage on your ground, don’t hesitate to call the plumbers at True Plumbers & AC for a quick and free estimate! True Plumbers is the #1 locally rated family business in Winter Haven FL, servicing its customers 24-hours a day. Make that call today, (863) 667-6364!

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