Slab leak repair at a commercial building in Winter Haven, FL.

Slab Leak Detection & Repair in Winter Haven, FL

Nobody is better at slab leak detection and repair services in the Winter Haven area.

Slab Leaks: Detection & Repair 

We are able to detect slab leaks quickly because we have the expertise, experience and the best technology.

If you suspect a slab leak in your residence or place of business, call the trusted plumbers at True Plumbers & AC in Winter Haven, FL for an immediate repair. Our plumbers have the technology and knowledge to quickly detect and remedy a slab leak under the structure or your home or office. True Plumbers & AC can pinpoint the leak utilizing hydrostatic pressure testing and modern video technology so the repair is quick and painless. It’s important to note, slab leaks may result in costly, widespread structural damage so immediate attention is strongly recommended.

What to Know About a Slab Leak:

A slab leaks occur when there is a leak in the pipes under the foundation of your home, be it due to corrosion or faulty installation. This is especially common in older homes, built prior to the 1960s. When there is a slab leak, water will seep from the pipes resulting in damage to your floor and structure of your home. The greater the duration of a slab leak, the greater the damage and subsequent cost to repair.

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Your damaged pipes under the slab foundation of your home will either need a full or partial pipe replacement, depending on the extent of damage. Traditional repairs can involve replacing exterior pipes to excavating whole interior floors and ground structures. True Plumbers & AC  offers newer, less invasive technology to cut down cost and damage by tunneling below the slab resulting in zero interior damage to the home.
Signs of a Slab Leak:
  • Corroded concrete 
  • Cool or warm spots
  • Wet flooring 
  • Higher utility bill 
  • Floor cracks 
  • Audible water running below ground
Don’t let a slab leak manifest into a larger problem. Call the experts at True Plumbers & AC in Winter Haven, FL for immediate and professional assistance. Our trustworthy, licensed plumbers have 30+ years experience handling slab leaks and guarantee proper detection, replacement and installation. Call us today at (863) 667-6364 for slab leak detection!

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