Clogged bathroom sink drain Winter Haven, FL.

Clogged Drain Cleaning in Winter Haven, FL

In the Winter Haven area, we clear and clean any clogged drains quickly.

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Nothing is more headache-inducing than a clogged drain; be it your sink, bathtub, shower, or toilet. Let True Plumbers & AC save your day. Whether it’s a home or business, we are the #1 locally rated family business in Winter Haven FL, servicing its customers 24-hours a day. From small buildups of waste to full-on blockages requiring sewer back up, we have the tools and equipment to detect and clear clogged drain backups. Our unique video pipe inspection gets to the root of the problem, thereby preventing ugly mishaps in the future.

 While we know these unexpected disasters can cause a lot of grief, there are some common causes to recognize in preventing and curbing the clogged drain in the future:

  •  Grease: hot or warm grease will harden when it cools, causing blockages and becoming an easy trap for food and water buildup.
  • Oil: oil can become sticky, thereby trapping food and subsequently water.
  • Hair: continuous draining of hair can cause entanglement resulting in trapping of debris and poor draining. It is best to dispose of hair in the trash.
  • Sanitary Items: these bulky items can block pipes when continuously flushed causing a backup of water. Take care to discard these products in the trash.

Always remember to only put water and appropriate waste down your pipes.

 It is important to take action when you see the tell-tale signs of a clogged drain, including slow draining of water, a foul odor, ants/gnats/flies/fleas, water damage on the floor, a buildup of residue, soiled carpet, and etc.

If you’re still noticing water backup or slow draining, call the experts at True Plumbers & AC for top quality and immediate assistance. No problem is too big or small, any hour of the day. Our local service reps are available nights, weekends and holidays. Call us now at (863) 667-6364. We're affordable too.  Don’t let your drain drain you!

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