Shower Valve Replacement in Winter Haven, FL

Shower Valve Replacement in Winter Haven, FL Wednesday, November 13, 2019

One of our Winter Haven, FL clients reached out to us asking about their shower, as it wasn't working properly and needed to be assessed. When we got there, we ended up discovering that they had a faulty shower valve that needed to be completely replaced.

Learn more about this recent shower valve replacement and why shower valves need to be replaced in order for your shower to function correctly.

Signs a Shower Valve May Need to Be Replaced

Shower valve replacement project in Winter Haven, FL.

If you don't know what exactly a shower valve does, it essentially regulates the temperature of the water coming out of the showerhead. In other words, the shower valve works to ensure you don't get scalded by hot water, so it's an important piece of the shower.

It's not easy to access your shower valve, because it's usually installed behind drywall and the tile that covers it. A big indicator of a faulty shower valve is when the water temperature is slow to change. If you notice that turning the faucet from warm to cold takes a long time, the valve may need to be replaced. Another sign of a faulty valve would be sudden changes in water pressure when a toilet flushes or the dishwasher starts.

When shower valves don't work properly, they could also be leaking. A leak behind drywall can lead to mildew building up in the interior of your walls, which means you could be looking at extensive repair.

If your water temperature keeps fluctuating, you could have a faulty shower valve.

Adding in a New Shower Valve for Our Client

Shower valve exposed pipes in open wall during Winter Haven, FL project.

When we decided to add in a new valve, we had to decide which type was best for our client. There are generally two main kinds of shower valves: thermostatic and pressure-balancing. 

A pressure-balancing valve works to make sure there is a good ratio of hot and cold water coming out of the shower. The valve adjusts to pressure changes and moves up and down based on how much water is coming out of the hot water and cold water pipes.

Thermostatic valves use some sort of material that is sensitive to heat and contracts and expands based on how much water is coming through the hot water pipe. Thermostatic valves tend to be pricier, but do tend to give more control over the shower temperature. 

Another type of valve that may need to be installed is a transfer valve. For example, if you have a tub that also has a shower, this valve allows for water to move in between the tub faucet and the showerhead. 

For our client, we opted to install the more commonly used pressure-balancing valve as it was the quickest option to get them back into their standalone shower. 

Are you experiencing any issues with your shower temperature or water flow?

If your shower water flow or temperature is fluctuating, you could be experiencing issues with a faulty shower valve. Our client in Winter Haven is now enjoying a well-functioning shower with perfect temperatures. Contact us today to set up an estimate on our shower valve replacement services at (863) 667-6364!

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