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There’s plenty that can and will go wrong with your toilet at some point in your life. It’s pretty much inevitable! Whether you flushed something down the toilet that you shouldn’t have, find a clog, leak, or issue with the flushing mechanism, True Plumbers & AC has seen it all. We specialize in toilet repairs, replacements, and installations, and provide the communities of Davenport, FL with 24-hour emergency plumbing services.

Frequent Toilet Repairs in Davenport, FL.

Here are the most common problems that can occur with household toilets:

  • Weak or incomplete toilet flushes
  • Toilet tank fills up with water after a flush
  • Low water level in the toilet bowl
  • Toilet flushes twice in a row
  • A whistle or dripping sound occurs after flushing
  • Toilet is taking too long to flush
  • The sink or bathtub gurgle when you flush

If you notice any of the above happening with your toilet, chances are you will need a repair. At True Plumbers & AC, our highly-trained plumbers are experts who can diagnose and fix whatever issue may be occurring with your toilet. We also specialize in toilet replacement, so if you have a very old toilet, we can install a newer model that can conserve water much better, which in turn will save you plenty of money in the long run.

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What could be causing your toilet problems? 

Before spending the money on a toilet repair or replacement, here are some great troubleshooting measures you can take in the event that there is something wrong with your toilet:

Water Overflowing: If you have water pooling around your toilet, start by checking the tank bolts, the ballcock, and supply tube nut. If everything is tight, you might need a simple washer replacement. Water around the base of a toilet can be fixed by replacing the wax ring. This is an easy fix for our plumbers but might be a difficult task for you the homeowner.

Toilet isn’t Flushing: Open up the tank and check the chain, flapper valve, and connections between the parts to make sure everything is functioning as it should. You might have a loose handle or a broken lift arm.

Toilet isn’t Flushing all the Way: The three things you’ll want to check for: see if there is too much slack in the lift chain; see if there is low water levels in the tank and bowl; ensure the flapper is installed correctly

Leaky Toilet: If you’re experiencing a leak in your toilet, there is probably an issue in the fill tank. Run a few simple tests before resorting to installing a new toilet.

Sometimes the hardest part about repairing a toilet is finding the root cause of the issue. Our team of professionals at True Plumbers & AC are happy to visit your home to see what kind of problems your toilet is facing and provide a honest quote. True Plumbers & AC specialize in all plumbing services, including major and minor toilet repairs, to the Davenport, FL area.

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