Bathtub drain clogged by hair at home in Davenport, FL.

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Nothing is more frustrating than being faced with a stubborn clogged drain, and sometimes a good ‘ol fashioned plunger won’t always do. Clogged drains, be it your toilet, sink or shower, is often the result of unwanted residue or waste building up. To leave this issue unattended for too long can result in some pretty nasty consequences. Instead of having a bad day, leave it to the pros. We at True Plumbers & AC have unclogged the worst of clogs due to our experience and the tools we are equipped with. 

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Signs of a Clogged Drain 

Here are a few common indicators that you might be facing a major clog that would require the helping hands of a professional:

  • Toilet Bubbling or Gurgling Noises: Hearing some weird water bubble sounds when you run the sink? This is a clear sign that you have a serious clog in your plumbing system that requires immediate attention. Luckily, True Plumbers offers quick, 24-hour emergency services in Davenport, FL and surrounding areas.
  • Pooling Water: A more obvious indicator that your drains are clogged is when you can visually see pools of water forming due to water being backed-up in the drains. While there are some handy do-it-yourself techniques to try, you run the risk of exacerbating the issue further. Side note: If you’re relying on a YouTube tutorial on how to unclog a toilet, for example, the methods may be dubious if you own an older toilet and the video is showing a newer model, or vice versa. Older toilets have different mechanisms that allow it to function than newer toilets.
  • Rotting Smell: Your sense of smell can be pretty reliable, so don’t neglect it! If you’re smelling something foul in the house near a drain source, like rotting food, this can also indicate that you have clogged drains.

Don’t let a clogged drain put a damper on your day and, worse, don’t spend hours scouring the internet for easy fixes. The fact of the matter is, sometimes it can difficult to tell when you’re facing a major or minor issue, but something more major indubitably will require help from a professional. At True Plumbers & AC, we serve the Davenport, FL region with fast and no-hassle plumbing services, including clogged drains. Don’t hesitate to speak with us today about how we can resolve your issue.

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