Commercial slab leak repair at Davenport, FL business.

Slab Leak Repair in Davenport, FL

Expert slab leak detection and repair services in the Davenport, FL area.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Davenport, Florida

We are plumbers with expertise and experience in finding and repairing slab leaks.

Slab leaks are water leaks below a concrete slab that occur when there is a lot of pressure put on the concrete by shifting soils beneath the slab, which can lead to cracks. Depending where you live, whether it’s somewhere very wet or very dry, the clay below the foundation will respond by shrinking when it’s dry or expanding when it’s wet. With changing moisture levels, the ground shifts and moves, leading to cracks, which then lead to leaks.

When it comes to slab leaks, it’s very important to address the issue immediately. Left unattended for too long, you may find yourself faced with high water bills and degraded concrete. At True Plumbers & AC, we are experts in leak detection and repair. Our highly-trained team of professional plumbers serve the Davenport, FL area in all plumbing services, including slab leaks. 

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Signs of a Slab Leak

A few signs that would indicate you have a slab leak on your hands would be:

  • Sounds of running water when water is shut off
  • Warm or hot spots on the floor
  • Cracked slabs
  • Standing water near your property’s foundation
  • High water bills

If you are experiencing any of these tell tale signs of a slab leak, call True Plumbers & AC. Slab leaks can be dangerous and lead to further damage. Don’t allow a slab leak to ruin the structural integrity and foundation of your home. At True Plumbers & AC, we are equipped with the best tools to quickly and efficiently locate and fix any slab leak. One of our technicians can visit your home and do a full diagnosis to determine the best course of action.

True Plumbers & AC serves the communities of Davenport, FL and its surrounding areas in providing the best plumbing services and solutions for a competitive price. Speak with one of our team members today to learn more about how we can fix your slab leak.

To determine whether you have a slab leak, call True Plumbers & AC at (863) 667-6364 and schedule your leak detection services today! 

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