Pipe leaking water at Plant City home.

Leak Detection Services in Plant City, FL

Plant City's leader in non-invasive leak detection and leak repair services.

Leak Detection Services in Plant City, FL

Do you suspect you may have a leak at your home or business? If so, our company's licensed plumbers are highly trained in leak detection and leak repair services!

Our company's non-invasive leak detection service for a home in Plant City, FL.

Have a leak in your home or office? True Plumbers can help! Our company serves the areas in and around Lakeland, Florida to offer the best and most affordable leak detection and leak repair services.

There are two ways to detect a leak: You either receive an astronomically large water bill, or you actually see water pooling somewhere, dripping down a wall, or coming out of a pipe. If your water bill is high, this most likely means you have a potable water leak rather than a sewer line leak, since sewer lines do not affect water coming into the house.

Here are a few steps you can take to determine if you do in fact have a leak, or if it could be something else (such as an over-running sprinkler system):

  • Turn off all water fixtures like shower, bathroom, and kitchen faucets to ensure there is no water being used.
  • Find your water meter (usually located in a box next to the property line in front of your house).
  • Open your water meter to see if the needles from the “Leak Indicator” section are spinning (usually in the shape of a triangle). If they are spinning, this indicates that water is flowing through the meter and you have a leak.
  • If the needles aren’t spinning, you should still write down the reading in case.
  • Keep all water fixtures shut off for 30-60 minutes.
  • Check your water meter reading again to see if it has changed. If it has, this means you have a slow leak.
  • Contact the plumbing experts at True Plumbers in Lakeland, FL!
A leaking pipe in a home in Plant City, FL.

Where Should You Check for Leaks?

True Plumbers & AC encourages home and business owners to routinely perform audits of their water fixtures, like sinks, bathroom faucets, and showers. The most common leak typically is a toilet or faucet leak. If you are noticing a leak, speak with one of our professionals about how we can fix the issue.

Simple household leaks that are typically easy to fix can add up to millions of gallons of water lost every year. Here are a few ways you can find a leak:

  • Check your water meter (located in the front yard in a meter box). Compare the numbers on the water meter to your “Current Reading” on your utility bill. If the water meter reading is way higher than what’s on the bill, you have a leak!
  • To find out if the leak is occurring inside or outside of your property, turn off the water valves and take note of your water meter’s numbers. If the meter continues to move, you probably have a leak outside your home. If the meter doesn’t move, the leak may be happening inside.
  • Don’t let your water meter gather dust! Keep an eye on it to see if any leaks are happening.

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Do you need leak detection or leak repair services in the Plant City, FL?

Our company prides itself in providing the communities of Plant City, FL the best leak detection and leak repair services. If you suspect there is a leak in your home or office, don’t hesitate to call us today at (813) 667-6364 to speak with one of our company's leak detection and repair contractors so we can send a licensed plumber immediately. Our company offers reliable and quick services as well as competitive rates.

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