Why Your Toilet Is Making Noises

Why Your Toilet Is Making Noises Tuesday, June 11, 2019

It’s disconcerting to flush a toilet and hear odd noises coming from it, especially if you have no idea what may be causing those noises. What’s even more annoying is to hear random noises coming from your toilet at night when you’re trying to sleep. There are reasons your toilet is making noises.

Here are some of the common noises you may hear and what may be causing them. If you’re located in central Florida areas like Plant City, Lakeland, or Winter Haven, then the pros at True Plumbers & AC can help you assess and fix the situation.

Your Toilet Is Flushing on Its Own

"Ghost flushing" can be a problem in Lakeland and other Florida areas.

When your toilet flushes on its own, commonly known as “ghost flushing,” you may be wondering why it’s happening. It’s usually linked to a bad flapper in your toilet tank, meaning that the water in the tank is slowly leaking out. When the water gets to a particular level, the water comes on and seems to flush all by itself.

What a Gurgling Noise Could Indicate

A gurgling noise is more difficult to pinpoint as it could be linked to a few different things. It could be traced back to a sewer drain issue, toilet blockage, or other blockages. If there’s gurgling, it’s recommended to try and use a different toilet in your home until the problem can be resolved. If you hear gurgling from multiple drains, then your main plumbing line may have a blockage.

If you hear gurgling When Flushing, call True Plumbers & AC to address the issue before it gets worse.

You Hear Dripping Noises Coming from Your Toilet

If your toilet is dripping, then you more than likely have a leak somewhere within the toilet. Check for water on the floor to see if it’s an exterior leak. If your toilet is cracked in any way, don’t use it until you can get someone from True Plumbers & AC to come check it out and repair it.

If you don’t see water on the floor, then the toilet is leaking from somewhere inside, most likely the flapper. If your flapper is damaged, then water will leak from the tank into the toilet bowl until it’s fixed.

The Toilet Won’t Stop Running

This toilet in Winter Haven is leaking.

After you flush a toilet, it should make a running noise for about 30 seconds or so as the water from the tank drains down to refill the bowl. If it keeps running, then there’s more than likely some kind of leak between the tank and the bowl. This could be attributed to a flapper, a refill valve, or another part. A trained plumber can look at this and quickly assess which part needs to be replaced.

Flushing Results in a Whistle or Squeal Noise

If you’re hearing a whistle or squeal when you flush, then this could be attributed to a faulty valve or another issue. This is a part that we can repair easily and assess while we’re there to see if there are any other contributing factors to this. It can also happen with older toilets which use a slightly different system. We can help you with upgrading to newer toilets or newer parts to help this noise go away.

Is your toilet making an odd noise? Call us to help.

If your toilet is noisy and you’re located in or around Plant City, Lakeland, Winter Haven, and other nearby central Florida areas, then we can help. Give us a call at (863) 667-6364 so we can come out and assess the situation. Our trained professionals are ready!

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