7 Plumbing Fixes Homeowners Attempt But Shouldn't

7 Plumbing Fixes Homeowners Attempt But Shouldn't Thursday, August 23, 2018

Plumbing systems require specific knowledge and training on proper techniques and tools in order to be fixed adequately. An error on the part of any person less qualified can result in major, costly issues.

Hiring a licensed professional plumber to handle your plumbing emergencies and problems is essential to avoid headaches. Here are seven plumbing problems you may think you can fix but should actually leave to the professionals:

1. Constantly Backed Up Drains

Clogged drains are easy to fix, right? A homeowner may think this is the case when chemicals and snake devices are readily available and marketed as getting rid of blockages. These solutions, however, can lead to bigger problems for your drain system.

Using acids, chemicals, or snakes to attempt to dislodge a clog can not only fail to remove the clog in its entirety, but it can also cause more damage to the pipes. What is the solution? Hiring a professional who is skilled in solving drainage issues and has the proper equipment like a water jetting system. Licensed professionals have access to the tools and knowledge about treatments that can be used to resolve your issues.

2. Replacing a Toilet

The process of replacing a toilet involves seemingly straightforward steps. The steps in removing a toilet involve:

  1. Siphoning the water
  2. Disconnecting the water line
  3. Unbolting the base
  4. Removing the tank and the seat
  5. Lifting out the base

With such an easy systematic list, it is no wonder that homeowners will try it. However, one problem usually encountered by DIY homeowners lies in not shutting off the water line properly. Other common issues include damaging the water line while either disconnecting or reconnecting it or an unlevel toilet.

A less noticeable issue involves the seal around the toilet. If it isn't sealed all the way, small leaks can form. If the leak is left unnoticed, it will cause damage to your flooring. If the bathroom is on the second or third level of your home, you could end up with water damage to the ceiling below the bathroom. On top of all of this, it will likely become a more involved process for a plumber to fix, versus just requesting a professional to install the toilet in the beginning.

Avoid issues with sealing, leveling, and water damage by hiring a professional plumbing company like True Plumbers & AC from the start.

3. Water Heater Replacement & Installation

When it comes to water heater replacements and installations, electricity or gas and water are involved. For an inexperienced person, this can be a recipe for disaster. A professional plumbing company has the tools and experience to know how to handle the situation from start to finish.

What can happen if you attempt to replace and install your own water heater? You run the risk of being electrocuted if the electricity is not properly shut down prior to working on the water heater. If you fail to replace gas lines properly, you can accidentally cause a gas leak, which is not only an environmental and health hazard for your home, but is also a fire hazard!

Professional plumbers know the local building codes, which are essential when installing a major appliance such as a water heater.

4. Busted or Leaking Pipes

Locating a busted or leaking pipe is a huge challenge that can create massive damage to your interior that will have to be repaired post-pipe repair. However, a professional plumbing company like True Plumbers & AC can offer non-invasive leak detection.

Non-invasive leak detection involves using a special tool and methods that allow a plumber to quickly and effectively locate a leak and begin repairs immediately.

One important consideration is that the pipes involved may have to be dismantled to rectify the leak or busted pipe, which means that equipment that requires an experienced professional, such as a torch, is needed to fuse copper pipes together.

5. Spigot Replacement

When it comes to spigot replacement, this seemingly simple swap may prove to be much more difficult to accomplish than you think, because the damage may go farther than the eye can see. The problem may not even be with the spigot itself but with the pipes behind the wall.

Attempting to replace a spigot could very well end with causing more damage to the pipes behind the wall, as well as damage to the exterior of the wall.

A professional plumbing company comes prepared with the tools and parts to handle virtually any situation thrown at them. They know exactly what to do for your spigot to get it replaced properly.

6. Installing a Full-Home Filtration System

Anything that taps into the main plumbing line in your home is something to be dealt with by a professional. Installing full house filtration systems require an understanding of the entire plumbing system, prior to installation. Choosing to work with a licensed plumbing company will ensure the water in your home is safe, clean, and accessible.

Additionally, your full-home filtration system is required to meet specific building codes. As mentioned earlier, a professional plumber will know what these codes are and what the correct procedure is to install the filtration system.

7. Replacing Shower Valves

Replacing a hot or cold shower valve seems simple enough, but in reality, it is quite difficult. Failed attempts to replace shower valves is one of the most common DIY issues we get called out for. Problems that can arise when attempting this include improperly flushing the valves before installing the cartridge, failure to properly adjust the temperature stop/limiter, access needed to replace the valve, and many others. Just like the other six plumbing fixes mentioned above, replacing a shower valve is one to leave to the professionals.

With the seven examples offered in this post, the message should be clear. If your home or business is located in or around Plant City, Lakeland, or Winter Haven, FL, instead of attempting DIY plumbing that could likely result in further damage, consider the valuable time and money saved by hiring a qualified professional plumbing company like True Plumbers & AC.

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