What Does It Mean When Water Backs Up Into The Bathtub

What Does It Mean When Water Backs Up Into The Bathtub Thursday, December 22, 2022

Backed-up bathtubs are unpleasant especially when you have been looking forward to a relaxing experience in the tub. Sometimes the backing up of bathtubs may be accompanied by dirty water or unpleasant smells. But what may be the cause of water backing up your bathtub? Read on to find out more about the warning signs, the causes, as well as the different methods to fix such problems. 

Warning Signs for Clogged Drainage Systems

There are several signs that may warn you of clogged drainage systems. The common warning signs for clogged drainage systems include the following: 

• The water in your tub or shower drains slowly after taking a bath 

• The water in your toilet rises or bubbles after running the bathroom sink 

• Water appears in your shower when you flush your toilet

• You can smell the sewer odor from your drains

The above-mentioned warning signs always indicate minor or major plumbing issues in the sewage line. In case you notice these signs, you should not hesitate to seek emergency plumbing services from professionals. 



Causes Of Clogged Drains

Backed-up drainage systems and sewer lines may lead to extensive damage to walls, floors, and electrical damages if not attended to immediately. Among the common reasons for backed-up sewer lines include the following: 

• Aging Pipes: drainage pipes are prone to damage as they grow older. Increased development may exert more pressure on older pipes causing them to leak. A leakage is likely to allow the entry of dirt and debris, which clogs sewer lines. 

• Insoluble Products: When insoluble products such as wipes, cooled grease, condoms, and feminine products are flushed down the toilet, they end up clogging major sewer lines. 

• Tree and Shrub Roots: Shrub and tree roots searching for underground water sources may squeeze in pipes, leading to the cracking of pipes and damage to pipe joints. When such damages occur, dirt and debris find their way into the pipe causing clogs. 

• Multipurpose Pipes: Multipurpose pipes handling excessive raw sewage and stormwater during rainstorms may also result in sewer line backup, especially in low-lying drains.  


How To Fix Drain Clogs

Once you have noticed the warning signs that indicate clogged systems it is always advisable to consult a professional plumber to fix the issue. Among the common ways of fixing these issues include the following:

• Investigating the problem through video inspection 

• Draining your clogged system through hydro jetting 

• Unclogging the pipes using drain cleaners 

• Using a snake-draining cleaning tool

• Replacing the pipes 


Generally, backed-up bathtubs indicate a plumbing problem on your sewer line or drainage pipes. Usually, you may get more warning signs on your different drainage systems that should prompt you to act on the issue. In case you notice warning signs such as bubbling toilet water and sewage smells from the drains, you should not hesitate to contact emergency plumbing services. Share this piece with your family and friends to safeguard them against backed-up bathtubs!

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