How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Whether you're in your own home or a friend's house, you may eventually find yourself with a clogged toilet and without a plunger. This can be an awkward and messy situation if handled improperly. Instead of panicking, there are some simple solutions you can use to unclog a toilet without a plunger.

If you have a serious clog, you can call our expert plumbers to handle the issue. We service homes located in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Plant City, and the surrounding areas.

Before calling our professional plumbing company, check out the following ways to unclog a toilet without a plunger.

Your toilet's clog may be caused by a weak flush.

Some clogs are simply caused by weak flushes. If you didn't hold the flush handle all the way down, the water level may appear higher than normal. Try flushing your toilet again and push the handle all the way down. This added pressure will allow your toilet's flapper to stay open and cause the toilet's contents to flush away properly.

Use a bucket of water to fix a clogged toilet.

If flushing your toilet again didn't work, fill a large bucket with warm water. Stand close to your toilet bowl and raise the bucket of water high above your toilet. The pressure of the falling water may displace what's stuck in your toilet. If you notice your toilet filling up with water rapidly, stop attempting this method midway through. Failure to stop will leave you with a clogged toilet filled to the brim, which will complicate the unclogging process.

Try adding dish-washing detergent, as it will serve as a lubricant. Together, warm water and dish-washing detergent may dissolve the clog and allow you to flush away stubborn waste.

Use warm water, but ensure that it isn't boiling because boiling water can crack your toilet's porcelain.

Create a vinegar and baking soda solution to fix a clogged toilet.

Vinegar and baking soda can help clean clogged toilets in Lakeland, FL.

This method is a little more hands-off, so it's a great way to avoid directly touching the mess. Pour out a half cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar into your clogged toilet bowl. Allow it to settle for two to three hours before you flush. This solution is typically very effective at dissolving a clog.

Use a wire hanger to dislodge trapped objects.

Though it may sound old-fashioned, using a wire hanger to dislodge trapped objects can be incredibly effective. We recommend covering the wire with a rag and securing it with duct tape so you don't damage your toilet bowl. With the wire covered in tape, bend it into your desired shape. Then, push the hanger into your toilet's hole. Move it around to free stuck objects. Don't flush until you have noticed the water level go down.

When all else fails, get in touch with our team to get your toilet unclogged.

When you cannot get your toilet unclogged by yourself, our professional plumbing company is on standby. Whether the aforementioned methods have failed or you are hesitant to take on the unclogging process yourself, our team is ready to help. Get in touch with our professional plumbers by calling (863) 667-6364 today. We offer our comprehensive plumbing services to central Florida homes located in and around Plant City, Lakeland, and Winter Haven, FL.

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