How Do You Fix a Slow Draining Sink?

How Do You Fix a Slow Draining Sink? Tuesday, August 23, 2022

You have a slow draining sink when your sink is not draining efficiently for longerthan two minutes.

There could be several issues causing a slow-running drain on your sink.

So, it’s time to figure out what could be the cause and find out how to solve the problem.

While there is no particular solution for clearing a clogged sink, you have various options to try.

You can choose to start with the easiest option.

Some of the effective options for clearing a clogged sink include the use of vinegar or baking soda.

Below is how to fix a slow-draining sink.

1. Clean the Sink Stopper

The sink stopper is inclined to catch hair and other debris owing to its position at the mouth of the drain.

The trapped fragments can get big, leading to a slow drain.

You can easily unscrew the modern sink stopper for cleaning.

You can follow the instructions below to remove the sink stopper for cleaning:

  • Check underneath the sink where it connects with the pipe. You will see a rod, nut, and clip.
  • Using pliers, turn the nut to unfasten it. Squeeze the clip to free the small rod, then lift the stopper from the drain.
  • Use a rag to remove and clean dirty grunge and residues thoroughly.

2. Melt the Sludge

When slimy dirt coats the inner side of your sink's drainpipe, it narrows the opening.

Thus, this leads to slow drainage.

You can easily dislodge the residue using ordinary household items such as:

  • Empty one-and-half cups of baking soda into the drain. Add one-half cup ofwhite vinegar.
  • The fizzing and bubbling reaction will assist in breaking up small clogs.
  • Ensure the drain is blocked with a rag, so the reaction does not bubble out.
  • Wait 15 minutes before pouring boiling water down the drain to flush the melted slime.


When slimy dirt coats the inner side of your sink's drainpipe, it narrows the opening. Thus, this leads to slow drainage. 

3. Use a Sink Plunger

At times the clog may be far down the drain where ordinary drain-cleaning tools can't reach. 

In such situations, the sink plunger can be of great help.

Here is howto use a sink plunger:

  • Block the overflow hole of your sink with a rag and place the sink plunger over the drain.
  • Fill up the basin with water, completely covering up the plunger cup. Plunge up and down in short but quick movements to force a lot of air down the drain.
  • The clog is dislodged if you see water in the sink draining away quickly.

A slow-draining sink is an issue that progressively builds up over time. 

Therefore,you should follow some basic precautions to minimize the chance of a slow drain.Once in a while, you can remove the stopper and pour a mixture of table salt andvinegar into the drain. 

Then flush it away with boiling water to loosen stubborn grunge.

For instance, you should put all loose strands of hair in the sink into the trash. 

Washing them down the drain may lead to the hair being trapped. 

The build-up from trapped hair debris eventually causes a slow drain. 

We hope these simple procedures will help you to fix your slow drain. Do you think you can do it on your own at home?

You can always rely on the Plumbers in Lakeland, at True Plumbers & A/C for your drain – and A/C - issues.

 Whether the above methods have failed or you are hesitant to take on the unclogging process yourself, our team is ready to help. Get in touch with our professional plumbers by calling (863) 667-6364 today. We offer our comprehensive plumbing services to central Florida homes located in and around Plant City, Lakeland, and Winter Haven, FL.

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