Do You Use More Toilet Paper Than the Average Person?

Do You Use More Toilet Paper Than the Average Person? Monday, August 13, 2018

Do you think someone in your household uses too much toilet paper? Find out now!

Average Toilet Paper Statistics

In a poll conducted on a convenience item taken advantage of the most, toilet paper outranked any other item by a whopping 69%! Aside from its originally intended used, toilet paper is a commonly consumed item for other reasons in the household, including:

  • Nose care
  • Makeup removal
  • Cleaning hands/face of children
  • Wiping up small spills
  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Covering the toilet seat prior to use (mostly in public restrooms)
  • Cleaning glasses

Toilet paper roll.

Individual Toilet Paper Use

The facts concerning the amount of toilet paper used on average by a person each year are:

  • Approximately 57 sheets per day of toilet paper are used, with 8.6 sheets being used per trip to the bathroom.
  • Most people use about 20,000 sheets of toilet paper per year (or about 100 rolls).
  • Each person uses roughly 50 pounds of toilet paper a year! That is a LOT of toilet paper usage!

As an individual, if you go through a regular roll faster than 3-4 days (or double roll every 6-7 days), then you use more toilet paper than the average person!

Folders, Wadders, & Wrappers

When using toilet paper, do you wad it up, wrap it around your hand, or fold it up? Studies show that most women are wadders and most men are folders!

  • 40% of people (mostly men) fold/stack toilet paper when using.
  • 40% of people (mostly women) wad it up.
  • The remaining 20% prefer the wrap method.

The Cost of Toilet Paper

A study conducted yearly on the use of paper products per person in the United States reported that the annual cost of toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins per person in 2016 was approximately $120. Considering the fluctuating market, sales, and different size rolls entering and leaving the market, it is hard to get an accurate cost per year.

What is the best bang for your buck?

Should you choose single roll or double roll? How about 1-ply or 2-ply? Figuring out the best bang for your buck can be challenging, especially since there is no true standard to roll sizes.

Single rolls usually fall around 150 sheets per roll. However, double rolls have been known to range from 176-352 sheets per roll.

Figuring out the cost per sheet.

There is no easier way to figure out if you are getting the best deal on your toilet paper purchase other than doing the math. The equation for figuring out the actual cost of one pack versus another is to figure out the cost per sheet.

  1. Divide the cost of the package by the number of rolls in the package.
  2. Use the cost per roll. Divide the cost per roll by the number of sheets per roll.
  3. Use the cost per sheet to compare the price and value to other products.

Avoid Using Too Much Toilet Paper

If you find you are going through toilet paper in your home too fast, chances are you are using way more than necessary during your bathroom time. Avoid using too much toilet paper and save money and avert potential plumbing issues.

Using too much toilet paper can cause clogs that require a professional plumbing service like True Plumbers & AC to come to the rescue!

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