How Do I Clear the Main Drain Line in My House?

How Do I Clear the Main Drain Line in My House? Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Plumbing problems in your home can either be an easy fix or a complicated issue.
At times you can fix the case with a plunger, but at other times, you must call a professional to help you.

However, not many people like involving the plumbing companies due to the expenses involved.

Whether a plumbing emergency or a slow drain, you need to handle it as soon as it manifests.

This fast response will enable you to prevent further damage or keep your home from flooding with sewage.


What Do I Look For?

Clogs are a common occurrence in drainage pipes. Some common causes are hair, soap, grease, tree roots, and dirt in your drainage pipes. You can easily identify the presence of a clog in your pipes by the following:

  • A stench from your sinks
  • Slow drainage
  • Gurgling noises

These are the early signs that tell you when something is building up.

You can arrest the issue in its early stages and prevent a plumbing emergency that may cost you much more.

Clogs mostly appear in three places; below the sinks, in the drains, and the main sewer pipe.

Cleaning Overview

It is easy to clear a blockage near the sink with your plunger or other drain cleaning mild chemicals that you pour down the sink.
It is, however, essential to ensure you do not use harsh chemicals that may corrode your pipes or endanger your health.
If the blockage is in the drain pipes, you may have to use a drain snake or auger to clear it.
Instead of buying the small ones at the grocery store, go for the professional ones that do the work effectively.
You can rent them from your hardware shop or involve a certified professional to do the work for you.
If you have a persistent clog in the drains or the issue is in the sewer line, you may require advanced cleaning tactics that may involve hiring professional help.
Hydration jetting is the best cleaning method for these issues since it uses water pressure to remove all substances inside the pipes.

It is essential to check if you can perform the cleaning before calling for expert assistance. The first step is acquiring the necessary items to help you in your job.

The Main Drain Cleaning Process

It is essential to check if you can perform the cleaning before calling for expert assistance. The first step is acquiring the necessary items to help you in your job. These include:

  • Waterproof gloves
  • Waterproof boots
  • A long water hose
  • A wrench
  • A plumbing snake or auger

Once you have these, you can now get to work. Be sure to wear gloves and boots before starting the work to avoid coming into direct contact with the sewage, which may bring some health issues.

Open the Cleanout Pipe

First, look for the cleanout pipe, a short pipe sticking out of the ground with a cap at the end.

This will be the access point to your sewer line.

Open the lid slowly to avoid the dirty water splashing on you, and allow any backed-up sewage to exit slowly.

You must be ready to jump out of the way if the wastewater pressure is high.

Let the build-up drain out entirely before inserting your equipment.

Use the Drain Snake

When the flow stops, gently insert the drill into the pipe and start running it.

However, it is essential to read the tool's instructions before beginning work since each brand has its mechanisms. Run the auger until there is no more resistance in the pipes.

This indicates that you have removed the clog, and the passage is clear.

However, you should keep running the tool for a few more minutes to remove any pending lumps and ensure you break up everything inside the tubes.

Clean Up

The next step is cleaning out the line with water.

Insert the hose with the auger still in place and run water in the system to remove debris from the equipment and the pipes.

Remove the snake and cap the cleanout pipe tightly.

Ensure you also clean the auger's pipe before storing it away.

If the drainage does not improve after cleaning, consider involving us for professional hydro jetting services.

Our cleaning deals with all stubborn clogs and keeps your wastewater running without a hitch.

Why struggle with constant clogs when we can clear them out?

Give us a call today and enjoy quality drainage.


You can always rely on the Plumbers in Lakeland, at True Plumbers & A/C for your drain – and A/C - issues.

 Whether the above methods have failed or you are hesitant to take on the unclogging process yourself, our team is ready to help. Get in touch with our professional plumbers by calling (863) 667-6364 today. We offer our comprehensive plumbing services to central Florida homes located in and around Plant City, Lakeland, and Winter Haven, FL.

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