Replacing a 25 Year Old Sink for Plant City Dolphins Youth Football & Cheer Organization

Replacing a 25 Year Old Sink for Plant City Dolphins Youth Football & Cheer Organization Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Giving Back to the Plant City "Dolphins" Youth Organization

Our community made us who we are, it molded us to be the service-oriented people we are today. Plant City gave us our start and believed that we could grow past this city's borders and eventually become a household name for plumbing in Florida. That's why we chose to leverage our skills and experience to give back to this community. The youth are our future. Someday they'll grow up to do extraordinary things, in their hometown and beyond.

If you have children in Plant City, you most likely have heard of the Dolphin Youth Football and Cheer Organization or have them participating in either department. Young boys and girls of all ages are able to cultivate essential skills that will help them later on in life such as hard work, determination, perseverance, and self-discipline. They learn, through the team, that a family dynamic can indeed exist outside of their home. The organization offers a variety of programs for children aged between 5-14 including the mighty mights, peewees, midgets, junior varsity, and varsity. For over 45 years, this organization has served as a staple of teamwork and positive recreation for the youth.

All of the coaches are dedicated and passionate about keeping the youth motivated and on the right track. Most recreational teams are provided by the city, but this organization is being held together and independently ran by a handful of volunteer Board of Directors. They also have multiple local sponsors that help fund the teams' sports equipment and various activities. This shows you how much the people of Plant City care for one another.

Needless to say, when we learned that the kitchen sink of the sports complex where the Dolphins play hadn't been replaced in 25 years, we had to step in! In the fall, when the cheerleading and football teams kick off the season, there are nearly 3,500 fans, supporters, and parents that encompass the field at a given time. With that many people at the complex at one time, a functioning and operating sink is an absolute must!

So many things can go wrong when a sink is old and outdated. Sinks start to break down over time and one of the first malfunctions you'll begin to see are leaks near the plumbing lines or a constant drip from the faucet. The biggest problem with this issue is that when water leaks in a humid or hot area, mold can begin to grow and cause major health problems to the people in that area. When you're providing water for thousands of parents and children, you can't afford to have a potential mold problem.

On the other hand, the coaches want to make sure they can get water to the kids in a timely manner. Old sinks tend to have low-water pressure which causes the water to come out slower than usual. All of these issues took away from the quality that this organization deserves. We want the children and coaches of these teams to have pride in themselves and their facility.

So, our team of plumbers did what we do best. We replaced the Dolphins' old kitchen sink with a brand new sink that would be able to hold up to all of the needs of the team, free of charge. Like we said earlier, our community made us who we are today. We wanted to show our appreciation to the members of this organization and Plant City as a whole. True Plumbers will always be involved in the community and do whatever we can to keep our city flourishing!

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