5 Indicators Your Water Heater Needs to be Replaced

5 Indicators Your Water Heater Needs to be Replaced Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Hot water is essential to your everyday household needs, such as showering and running either the washing machine or dishwasher. It is important that homeowners are able to recognize the problems that arise with their water heaters. Being proactive with the maintenance of your water heater will save time and money in the future.

There are five major things to look for, as well as some minor indications, that your water heater may need replacement.

1. Your current water heater is outdated.

A water heater lasts around 10-15 years when properly cared for. If you think your water heater may be over 10 years old, it might be time to look into having your system serviced or replaced. You can extend the life of your new water heater by flushing your entire system once per year. Hire a professional plumbing company to perform a system flush properly.

2. Rusty water comes out of your faucet when running hot water.

Rusty water is a strong indication that your unit is starting to rust from the inside out. If rusting continues, your unit will eventually leak and break down. A functioning hot water heater will consistently produce clear running water. To avoid rust from occurring, add a magnesium, aluminum, or zinc anode rod into the tank. This will minimize rust damage and prolong the life of your unit.

3. Hot water is disappearing quickly in your home.

There are many reasons your house can rapidly run out of hot water. One of the most common reasons is the size of the household versus the capacity of the tank. Larger families tend to be a strain on hot water tanks. In this instance, consider upgrading to a larger model that will better suit your family's needs.

Additionally, sediment buildup can cause hot water to run out quickly. Sediments block the water from getting heated properly. Get in touch with a local plumbing company, such as True Plumbers & AC, and discuss the best option for reviving or replacing your hot water heater.

4. Your water heater is making noises.

Water heaters should be quiet when they are functioning properly. Any unusual cracks or pops indicate something abnormal is going on with your unit. This can be a sign of mineral buildup in between the heating element and the inside of the heater.

5. The water heater has a leak.

Leaks are a red flag and need immediate attention to prevent further damage to both the unit and your home. Address leaks right away to avoid the unit from breaking and flooding your space. Leaks that pool on the floor around the heater signify the tank has reached its lifespan and needs to be replaced.

Additional Signs Your Water Heater Needs Attention

The more homeowners are aware of the abnormalities associated with water heaters, the faster a problem can be resolved before major repairs are needed. Some other common issues to be on the lookout for with water heaters include:

  • The pilot light is out or circuit breaker is tripped
  • Muddy or sandy water from your faucets
  • Metallic smell or taste
  • Excessive repairs

To find out more about the condition of your water heater, seek a professional's advice. If you're in the Plant City or Lakeland area, call us at (863) 667-6364 to service and maintain your unit in order to avoid costly problems in the future.

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