Hidden Disaster Lurking In Your Corroded Pipes

Hidden Disaster Lurking In Your Corroded Pipes Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Homeowner in Plant City checking the water coming from his faucet.

All metal is corroding, all of the time. Keep that in mind when you go to check your pipes. This disturbing fact should be a driving force for all homeowners to check their pipes more often. However, this is simply not the case.

While homeowners do not seem to care to check their pipes for early warning signs these days, it will also not prevent the corrosion from happening. Though, knowing some signs that may lead to subsequent disasters in your homes is not a bad idea! Therefore, we have developed a list of early warning signs to be cognizant of when checking for corrosion in your pipes at home.

The First Hints of Corrosion Damage

So to begin with, the most obvious traits of corroded pipes are discolored water, strange taste to your water, and of course leaks. While a leak is by far the last on the checklist for an early warning sign, as the corrosion damage has already been done and has most likely killed the water pressure in your home, the difference in the taste of your water is perhaps the first hint in this list.

If you notice a metallic or slightly bitter taste to your water, its probably a good time to call a plumber out to take a look around. Otherwise, if you do not drink your tap water, you will begin to notice slight color variations in your water. These observations are typically made when you run your water for the first time that day. The water will spit and sputter, with a slightly yellowish or brownish color.

The water that comes from your pipes at the earliest time in the day has been sitting in the pipes all night long and therefore is a strong indicator of just how corroded your pipes have gotten.

A Telltale Sign That's Not So Obvious

Other than the obvious signs of corrosion, and of looking inside the pipe itself, there aren’t too many other ways to check for corrosion. However, if you notice that your pipes are constantly clogging up, that is usually a not so obvious, yet telltale sign that your pipes are indeed corroded and need to be replaced.

What Can You Expect Because of Corroded Pipes

Corroded and leaking pipes causing mold appearing in a woman's kitchen in Lakeland.

In addition to the discolored water persisting throughout the day even beyond the first time you run your water, you can expect pungent aromas and bitter tasting water as the water begins to damage your pipes evermore. Expect to see water damage to your drywall and support structure or where water pipes are. Also, expect hard water stains in your shower, sink, and commode. And most of all, look for pools of water accumulating near leaky pipes.

If you are quick enough detecting these, you can prevent large outbreaks of mold. Mold produces spores, which you can inhale and can become quite harmful to your health. The scary part is that you may not even realize you have been breathing in mold or mildew spores until after you find the damage.

Call us today for a free consultation that can prevent harm to your home and health.

Having your pipes checked for corrosion can essentially be summed up as a means of preventing damage to your home, as well as protecting your health from harmful mold spores. Of course, it is best to leave this task to the professionals, like True Plumbers & AC. For a free consultation, call us at (863) 667-6364 today and find out how we can help.

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