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Sewer Backup Repair Services In Winter Haven, FL

Contact us to schedule an appointment for sewer backup repair in Winter Haven, FL or to find out how to avoid backups in the future.

Sewer Backup Services In Winter Haven, FL

A backed-up sewer can be a hassle, messy, and often extremely smelly. At True Plumbers, when we come to a Winter Haven, Florida home to perform sewer backup repair, we generally find that the backed-up sewer was caused by one of these three things:

  1. A clog. Have you ever had a sink or toilet drain clog up? Just like your drain pipes, your sewer drain can also get clogged.

  2. Tree roots. Another common cause of sewer backups is tree roots. Tree roots are particularly problematic because they can grow into the pipes, cause holes, and even wrap themselves around the line and damage it.

  3. Broken sewer lines. If you live in an older home that uses cast iron or clay piping, your pipes may eventually break down over time and cause your sewer line to break and back up.

If you ever need sewer backup repair in Winter Haven, Florida, make sure that you call us at True Plumbers right away. We pride ourselves on our 30-minute response time and will never leave you hanging in the wake of a smelly sewer problem.

To avoid the need for sewer backup repair in the future, don't use your toilet as a trash can and avoid flushing anything down into it besides toilet paper and human waste. In addition to this, use your garbage disposal with care and never pour grease down your drain.

Contact us at True Plumbers to schedule an appointment for sewer backup repair in Winter Haven, Auburndal, Dundee and other surrounding areas. Also, find out more about how to avoid backups in the future.

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