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Sewer Backup Repair in Plant City, FL

We provide excellent customer service and fair pricing for sewer backup repair services in Plant City and surrounding areas.

Sewer Backup Services In Plant City, FL

Repairing a clogged toilet is never a fun experience, but most homeowners in Plant City, Florida will have to do it at some point during their lives. First, shut off the water by twisting the valve on the back of the toilet. This will prevent additional water from pouring into the bowl, which can cause it to overflow while you are trying to plunge. The next step is to plunge the toilet, which tries to force the clog through the pipe and into the sewer system. If you can't clear the clog, call a plumber to repair the problem and diagnose any potential bigger threats.

Plumbers will typically use long, metal snakes to go down through the pipes and find the clog. If the snake has a camera on the end, the plumber can then see how big the clog is and approximately where in the pipe it is located. If the problem is in the main sewer line, you may need sewer backup repair. This usually requires one of two steps: either bringing in a pump truck to force the large clog into the sewer pipes, or digging up and replacing the water main.

At True Plumbers, we offer sewer backup repair along with a variety of other plumbing services to the Plant City, Hopewell, Sydney, Turkey Creek and surrounding areas. We can diagnose a problem, and then offer you solutions for repair. We also provide excellent customer service and fair pricing for the services we perform, including sewer backup repair, and will make sure that you understand what we are doing inside or outside of your home.

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