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Lakeland Slab Leak Detection & Repair

True Plumbers can help with any slab leak issues you may have in the Lakeland, Florida area!

Slab Leak Services In Lakeland, FL

A slab leak occurs when there is a hole somewhere in the copper water lines underneath a concrete floor. Over time, this can lead to wet or hot spots, heightened utility bills and degraded concrete. True Plumbers will be glad to help with your slab leak issues in Lakeland, FL. Slab leaks are actually not all that uncommon.

Unfortunately, they are typically the result of poor concrete installation or corrosion. It is important for you to address the situation any time you suspect a slab leak, as letting the issue progress can significantly damage the structural integrity of your property. There are a few typical symptoms that can indicate a slab leak.

If you are noticing warm spots or wet areas on your floor, it may be due to the seepage of water from the concrete. Sometimes, there is enough heat or water lost in the leak that it affects your utility bills. If you notice a price increase without any other apparent cause, True Plumbers can check for a slab leak. While not all cases of wet spots on your floor are signs of a slab leak, it may be worth finding out either way.

Once we've ruled out a defect in your concrete copper wiring, we can try to figure out what is actually causing the problem. If it is in fact a slab leak, the sooner we can address it the better. Contact True Plumbers for any and all plumbing needs and problems in Lakeland, Bartow, Polk City and surrounding areas. We will be glad to assist you!

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